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In The Cleft
Dana Goodman

CBM Christian Author Press Release - KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Dana Goodman releases, In the Cleft: Joy Comes in the Mourning: A Story of Hope After Tragedy, ($14.47 paperback, 978-1498408745, $ 3.99 e-book, 1498408745).  A heart breaking and touching memoir through grief, Goodman gives hope through the darkest of times.  Experiencing the death of her late husband, young son and mother-in-law – all in one fail swoop, incredibly, her second husband’s cancer and young son’s diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor came simultaneously.  As a desperate mother supporting her husband through his battle with cancer, she finds herself in a deep tunnel – angry at the God she loved.  Her book depicts the trial of faith all endured, including her family as they watched with horror, and dealt with something that was unthinkable.  In her desperation, Dana finds God, encounters His Spirit and is kept safe, as her world’s foundations were crumbling.  She learns to stand on the Rock, and His foundation, and gives testimony of His powerful love and strength that kept her through it all.  This touching memoir gives her account of the incredible grief of one mother that lost it all, yet lived to have hope and faith in God despite insurmountable circumstances.  Her journey will leave an indelible imprint upon your soul and reveals the “deeper” things of God and His love as Dana relates her powerful testimony that “Joy” can come after the mourning. 

Enduring the darkest of nights in the darkest of valleys, Goodman relates hope, humor and candor as she
gives flickers of light throughout her experience.  Taking time to breath and remember: the special moments tucked away in her heart with her son that led up to his last days, Dana exhibits the power of God through tragedy that can and will sustain one through deep grief.  As a mother, you will cry.  As a daughter, you will weep. As a grandmother or grandfather, times gone by will bring healing tears.  Yet, God can and will carry you through the dark night of the soul to the other side where there is life again.  She boldly proclaims that God is able, even when we run, He is ever faithful.   

Holding a Master’s Degree in counseling, Dana has worked in private practice for five years, specializing in grief counseling and family therapy. Dearly believing that all need to see the beauty in life, she relishes moments with her own family and loves contemplating life through writing, her Bible and a latte.  As a licensed grief counselor, Dana Goodman, wants readers to know – God cares, He can be trusted, relied upon and He can get you through the darkest night of the soul. Those broken places can be healed, joy can come again and dreams can come alive again.  This book is a must-read for anyone who has been devastated by cancer or a tragedy, like death, that they can’t seem to get past.  

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MAITLAND, FL— Dana Goodman’s new book, In the Cleft: Joy Comes In the Mourning, ($16.49, paperback,9781498408745; $8.99, e-book, 9781498408752) is a powerful, poignant, and utterly heart wrenching true story surrounding sickness, grief, and the inevitable mourning process. Dana Goodman shares, in the midst of devastating circumstances, her hope and the unrelenting trust that she placed in the Lord’s hands. At times, she admitted to being disappointed in God, due to the intensity of pain endured by all parties—who could blame her? However, she never stopped trusting, hoping, and walking by faith; her reward is in the supernatural peace of God, and in discovering Him to be the true Healer that the Scriptures promise Him to (still) be.
“We live in a society that expects us to get over heart pain quickly rather than lean into it, and voice it,” states the author. “When others voice their inner struggle, it becomes a road map for others going through their own painful journeys. ‘In the Cleft’ will offer hope to grieving souls, especially those who are walking through the painful process of a terminal diagnosis.”
Dana Goodman has bravely walked through the death of her first husband to cancer, and later, the simultaneous diagnosis of her son, second husband, and mother-in-law. Her son and mother-in-law both died. When asked about her credentials in authoring In the Cleft, Dana Goodman responded, “I suppose I am an expert on grief. Also, I have a Master's Degree in counseling, a teaching degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in English literature.” The author sincerely hopes to minister to the grieving through her book.
~ Press Release Supplied By The Author.